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FUENTE: www.edf-feph.org
Access Denied! New Campaign for Accessible Websites

EDF has joined forces with AGE platform Europe, the European Blind Union (EBU) and ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardization. Together created a Campaigning for stronger legislation on Web-Accessibility.

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FUENTE: acessodigital.net
“Accessibility Web” video narrated by its main characters

Video of Acceso Digital about “Web Accessibility” showing the difficulties that people with different capacities or motor problems live every day while visiting several Web Sites. How can the unawareness in the matter of “Accessibility” can result in a barrier to the social inclusion.

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Compras por Internet desde dispositivos móviles

“Los consumidores quieren aplicaciones para sus teléfonos móviles que les permitan visitar sus tiendas favoritas, seleccionar los productos que desean, leer las recomendaciones y reseñas de otros compradores, al tiempo que puedan comparar precios y calidad con otras marcas sin necesidad de salir de la tienda...”

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FUENTE: www.marketingdirecto.com
12 ways to integrate the marketing social media in the customer's service

Social media move from being a customer service's support to be an extension of a brand's sales. In the social media ecosystem, customers want to know that they're heard and answered.

In this note, 12 ways to use social communication media to improve the customer service.

(Review in Spanish only)

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FUENTE: foroalfa.org
The brand: Clothes or costume?

Convinced that the only thing that matters is to be original, many Managers and Designers produce brands that, instead of identify companies, organizations and even countries, peculiarly don't look-alike their owners.

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FUENTE: www.nosolousabilidad.com
Argentinian Northeastern News' Web Sites have low Accessibility levels

An accessibility evaluation of the News' Web Sites of the argentinian northeastern: Corrientes, Chaco, Misiones y Formosa. As a preliminary conclusion its considered that northeastern's Web Sites present a low accessibility level, maybe as a consequence of unknowable of these concepts and the W3C standards.

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Brands are redefined by Social Networks: the power of the public opinion through the Web

"Social Networks are an excellent platform to get to the audience, to know their ideas and to relate to them in a personalized way. This is something that could never be done before, and it's a great advantage to be able to read the users' opinions".

(Review in Spanish only)

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FUENTE: todaslasvocespuan.blogspot.com
“We try ti be more transparent every day”, López said in the Municipality's Web Site introduction

On December 16th, Puan's Municipality officially introduced its new E-Government portal www.puan.gob.ar with a conference that took place at 20.30 hs. in the Deliberative Council.

Among the present authorities was the Intendant López and the HDC's Vice-president, Nury Stoessel, the Property Secretary Cr. Facundo Castelli, and the Executive Director of VMG Studio, Julián Calderazi.

(Review in Spanish only)

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FUENTE: www.impulsonegocios.com
Facebook conquers Argentina and the World

The Social Network was announced and Facebook keeps on growing and takes the most part of the world. China, Brasil and Russia still are pending subjects.

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Social Networks are also a Company's Communication Media

Internet in general and the Social Networks in particular, are good diffusion, advertising and marketing platforms... but most of all they're communication media. Even more, they're Media of an interaction level much higher than the rest.

(Review in Spanish only)

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FUENTE: www.atedis.gov.ar
Se aprobó la Ley de Accesibilidad Web en Argentina

El 3 de noviembre de 2010 el Senado de la Nación aprobó la Ley de Accesibilidad de la Información de las páginas Web. La ley fue presentada con entusiasmo en el Recinto por el Dr. Daniel Filmus y votada por unanimidad para su aprobación.

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FUENTE: content.usatoday.com
Happy 12th Birthday, Google

It's Google's 12th birthday today, and Google's regular logo has been replaced by an image of a cake, created by the American painter Wayne Thiebaud.

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Award 2010

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Award 2010 started the inscription, another of the publicity industry awards. An independent staff of outstanding advertisers will join together to evaluate and award the most innovator and creative campaigns. (Review in spanish only)

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FUENTE: www.webmonkey.com
Is Your Browser Ready for HTML5?

The HTML5 era is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed yet. If you want to find out how well-equipped your browser is for the HTML5 future, just pay a visit HTML5test.com.

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FUENTE: blog.twitter.com
Following your friends and colleagues

Twitter is improving our Find Friends section to make it easier to find and follow the people you already know -- your friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn -- who use Twitter.

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FUENTE: www.webmonkey.com
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Arrives

After spending many months on development and beta testing, Adobe has released the latest version of its Flash Player 10.1.

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FUENTE: blog.linkedin.com
Find and Follow Your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter

In November 2009, LinkedIn launched our first Twitter integration features. Since then, over one million LinkedIn members have taken the opportunity to add their Twitter accounts to their LinkedIn profile.

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Social networks, socialization and convergence

The social network is no other thing than an Social Structure, a group of people related to each other. School, clubs, professions, hobbies (sports, culture) that they share, besides of a certain national entity belonging, interests with other people. (Review in Spanish only).

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FUENTE: www.eweekeurope.co.uk
Google Integrates Earth View Into Maps

Users will be able to zoom to any location and use navigation tools to pan around the browser.

Google on 26 April integrated Google Earth into Google Maps, providing an Earth view to Maps as a different way of looking at the world on the Web.

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FUENTE: www.lanacion.com.ar
Google, master of Argentinian searches

Its positioning in Argentina is one of the greatest in the world, with 91% of the market it's a key to publicity and access to information.

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FUENTE: googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com
Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

Recently we received some questions about how Google uses (or more accurately, doesn't use) the "keywords" meta tag in ranking web search results.

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FUENTE: news.bbc.co.uk
Facebook launch 'Zero' site for mobile phones

The world's biggest social network has revealed details of a stripped-down, text-only version of its mobile site called Facebook Zero.

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FUENTE: www.vmg-studio.com
Welcome to our new Web Site

We start this new ayer with a new Web Site development, where you'll easily find all offered services in different sections. Each one of it is clearly detailled and represented, it is meant to be helpfull when you need to identify your company's promotion needs.

We hope you enjoy it. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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FUENTE: www.infobrand.com.ar
Campañas digitales vs. tradicionales: ¿fin de la pulseada?

Un estudio de Forrester argumenta que solo el 23% de los anunciantes consideran que sus agencias de publicidad tradicional pueden ser buenas en lo digital. ¿Quiénes están mejor preparados para el mundo que se viene?

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FUENTE: www.lanacion.com.ar
Google incorpora resultados en tiempo real

La compañía estadounidense anunció la disponibilidad de los contenidos de Facebook, MySpace y Twitter en las consultas que realicen los usuarios en su buscador web; estará disponible de forma gradual en todo el mundo.

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